Gucci Crystal Evening Bag

For bag collectors who have been so sick and bored with every single bag that Gucci releases, then this is a redeeming moment for the so-called "brand of class." The Crystal evening bag is an ultimate creation of art and style, as it stepped away from the monotonous unimaginative design of Gucci.

Of course, simplicity seemed to be their advocacy, which isn’t a bad thing, however not pushing their creative limits while they get a run for their consumers’ money isn’t a good deal at all. The crystal evening bag is definitely a treasure not only to bag lovers but also to Gucci itself.

The Crystal evening bag isn’t laden with crystals but its sleek style says it all. The purple or black leather pulled tight make this bag a stunning accessory. The slim clutches are available in mirror gold, black or red carpet aand feature light gold or silver-tone hose-bit buckle details. The Gucci script detail in the bottom left corner boasts its brand.

Surprisingly, this bag of elegance sells a bit affordable, only $495, as compared with other designer handbags.

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