Michael Kors Beverly Gator Watch Band Clutch

MICHAEL KORS Beverly Alligator Watch Band Clutch

The Beverly handbag collection brings out the high-class and elite facet of Michael Kors’ designs, especially if we talk about the materials used. One of his pieces in this line includes a lime-green, alligator-embossed leather clutch that looks very impressive at first, but fails to move us in person.

The main highlight of the Beverly Gator Watch Band Clutch is its gold-tone watchband placed across the lime-green alligator front flap. We know how attractive gold can be, but this unique and highly unexpected detail prevents the leather’s color to pop out.

And what’s worse, to get this 11-inch wide clutch you need to cough up a hefty sum of $3,900, and the watch band is not even made of real gold!

Overall, buy it if you want it really badly. But trust us, Michael Kors has better clutches within the Beverly line than this one.

Image Source: michaelkors.com

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