Balenciaga Giant Brief Leather and Printed Cotton Bag

Balenciaga Giant Brief Leather printed bag

The Spanish fashion powerhouse Balenciaga has done it again with their introduction of their Spring-Summer Collection 2008. The handbags that were unveiled in their website present a minimalist yet refined structures and designs, all stamped with a haute couture flavor that the brand has been known for.

Another great addition to your closet would be the Giant Brief Leather and Print Cotton Handbag. It is somewhat structured like Balenciaga’s City Bag, especially on the handles and studs, but the yellow leather is set against a soft, floral-printed cotton bag.

This tote screams "Resort Wear", but it is also good enough to be brought at any daytime activity. However, it doesn’t seem to go well with whites. Also, it is not recommended to bring this if you are out all day, unless you intend to switch bags for an evening cocktail.

Overall, the Balenciaga Giant Brief Leather and Printed Cotton Hand Bag may be a refreshing sight to behold, but its limited use may not be worth it.

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