Balenciaga Giant Slim Leather Bag

Balenciaga Giant Slim leather bag

The Spanish fashion powerhouse Balenciaga has done it again with their introduction of their Spring-Summer Collection 2008. The handbags that were unveiled in their website present a minimalist yet refined structures and designs, all stamped with a haute couture flavor that the brand has been known for.

Balenciaga’s latest "it" bags include the "Slim", a tote bag that resembles much like the City hand bag but with a slimmer width and depth, and a taller height. It may look unusual at first, but you would realize that the Slim has a lot of good use. For one, you can dunk more of your make-up-or books, or even small office files-in it.

Because it is available in dark shades like brown, purple, and black, the Slim provides a wide range of utility. It can be used during the day as much as it can be used at night.

Overall, don’t be deceived by the unusual Slim, because having one would definitely make you the center of attention.

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