Botkier Handbags Buying Guide

Botkier handbags

Monica Botkier is known for her handbags although she began her career as a fashion photographer. She and her bags have already become famous with the chic and urban design that her bags have. After coming out with her bags, she was able to attain immediate cult status. The brand continues to push forward the limits of design to the next level by introducing custom materials, fresh design ideas and by taking on new markets.

About Botkier handbags

Botkier handbags are known for being very stylish as well as being very chic. It is one of the choices of celebrity icons such as Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Klum, Kate Bosworth, Angelina Jolie and Joy Bryant just to name a few.

Characteristics of Botkier Bags

The Botkier bag is unmistakably chic. It focuses on being functional and being very luxurious. The accessories have custom detailing, innovation and quality. This is important for the modern woman as people would like to be able to see what they are exactly paying for. Botkier bags are a testament to the marriage of luxury and utility as it borders just under the high-end luxury labels. Because of this, Botkier is at a very significant vantage point and position in the market as it potentially has a very good niche as of now.

Where to buy

The fanbase of Botkier has expanded to include the entire US and the rest of the world. Every season, Botkier collections come out and approximately comprise of 40 different silhouettes. Be sure to purchase your Botkier bags from respected stores such as, Barney’s New York, Fred Segal, Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus.

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