Kooba Micki Handbag

Kooba Micki Handbag

Creating quite a fashion buzz in Spring 2007, Kooba is at it again with a surprising collection of leather accessories and, yes, handbags included.

First in our priority list is the Kooba Micki, a leather hobo hand bag with large front exterior flap pockets and single shoulder strap. It also features gold-toned buckles, side zippers, interior cell phone pockets, and even a dog clip. The bag closes with a top magnetic snap

Kooba continued with what they have left last year. Changeable silhouettes is still noticeable in some of their creations, as exemplified in the Micki. The side zippers can actually change the structure of the bag from having a very wide bottom to an overall slim purse.

You can either pack it light or stuff it with everything in your make-up kit including the kitchen sink snugged into the pockets. However, I do find the flaps too big. We could just eliminate that altogether and we still have the exterior pockets, am I right?

Overall, despite some design flaws, the Kooba Micki Hand Bag is a display of a multi-faceted beauty.

Available at kooba.com for $645.

Image Source: kooba.com

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