How to Choose the Right Handbag

The handbag is the ultimate fashion accessory. The right handbag would make you look fabulous and elegant along with the outfit that you are wearing. True, jewelry may stand out as the most preferred fashion accessory, but the handbag can both provide a practical function that jewelry cannot. Consider the handbag as the ultimate fashionable function tool in this case.

Choosing the right handbag should be considered when you plan to put on an arresting presence at an event or a certain occasion where you get to meet and socialize with other people. The handbag that you bring with you can either make or break your whole outfit.

In choosing the right handbag for you, the idea is to find a handbag that shouldn’t match your figure. This is the rule that most women should follow. When fashion experts say that you should choose a bag that matches your body type, what they mean is that you try to look for a handbag that is opposite of your figure.

If you are tall and thin, the right handbag for you to bring along would be a rounded or slightly bigger handbag. If your body type is rounded and a bit heavy set, the perfect bag to fit your figure would be the sleek and rectangular type. A general rule for this is that the rounder your figure is, the more structured the handbag that you should be looking for. This pertains to the shape of the right handbag for you with your body figure in mind.

When choosing for the right handbag, thinking of proportion in terms of scale would also be important. A tall woman would not look good by bringing along a tiny handbag. So much so would a petite female with a over sized handbag in tow. It is also important to take note that a shoulder bag’s length is also important in that it may help provide a point of focus on what part of your body it would help accentuate.

The area of your body where the bottom of the bag hits will usually accentuate that part of the body that it comes near. In this case, if you wish to accentuate your waist area, you may want to choose a bag with a bottom that hits somewhere in the mid-torso.

When choosing for the right handbag, nothing beats looking over a full length mirror with the handbag with you. This is especially helpful when you are out shopping for a new handbag. Looking over the mirror with the handbag with you would help you determine if it truly looks good on you.

Don’t bother trying to go with the current handbag trends if you think that one would not be a good fit for you. Try to choose one that you feel comfortable and feel good with. Asking other like minded people at the store how a certain bag looks on you would also not hurt. It may even help provide you with reassuring feedback that will help you determine if you have chosen the right handbag.

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