How to Spot a Fake Gucci Handbag

Unless one is well-versed with authentic stuff, it is hard to spot a fake Gucci bag from afar. Still, there are certain areas where you can detect upon closer inspection if the bag is for real or not.

Look at the G’s. In general, look at the logo and the logo font. The G’s in an authentic bag are clear and defined. Fakes tend to have fatter G’s. There should also be consistency in the design. Logos from authentic bags do not get cut off in the end. Real Gucci bags use a very specific font. Things to look out for are incorrect font sizes, letter spacing, and misspellings.

Colors. Some fakes appear faded and less vibrant. Some are off-color. In other cases, if the leather is not real, it gives out an unusual glare.

Quality of materials. Here is where the knockoffs usually take the hit the most. Gucci uses only the best there is with its leather, fabric, and hardware in its products. Quality control is essential. You would not spot blatant imperfections either from the material or from the construction in a real Gucci bag. Some fakes use another material, such as vinyl, instead of leather. Although some ripoffs might appear to be the real thing, functionality is lost when zippers do not work smoothly.

Faked authenticity cards. In some cases, fake controllato cards are green.

Consider the overall. After going through the nitty-gritty, consider the overall feel of the bag. Are the straps off in some way? Are there defects in the stitching? Are the edges noticeable?

It is better to know how an authentic bag looks and feels like before you could determine if the one in front of you is the real deal or just an imitation. Some suggestions on how to gather information on authentic Gucci apparel is to visit a Gucci store.

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