How to Spot a Fake Hermes Handbag

Want to play spot the differences? Here is one you could do in real life. Mark X on the spots where a fake Hermes bag fails to duplicate the original. Here are some tips to give you a headstart.

No logo in design. First and foremost, Hermes does not include the logo in its main design. That should already be a red flag when you see the words ‘Hermes’ or similar permutations spread out or peppered on the body of the bag.

Quality. People who are good in spotting fakes could assess the quality of a bag even from afar. For those who are not as adept, closer scrutiny is required. Authentic Hermes bags are well made and are constructed from the best materials. Leather is leather. You could smell and you could feel it is real. Other than that, how it was made could define its quality. Poorly made bags have inconsistent materials and stitching.

Loud design. Because synthetic leather or a different material is used, the material bounces off light differently compared to real leather. Due to this, the color of the bag appears to be gaudy from a distance.

Details tell the tale. Detail is important in original bags. As mentioned, the quality of the stitching and the overall finish of the bag are telltale signs if they are real or not. There are times where the straps or some of the design are off.

Limited edition. To ward off fakes, what designer bag manufacturers do is release a certain design in limited quantity and issue serial numbers. If an add-on is missing or is unnecessarily included, then it must be a knockoff. Some fakes make the effort of including serial numbers. However, the quality of the etching of the numbers determine its authenticity.

The metal on the pedal. The metal attachments are also another facet to look at. There is a certain smooth glare in an original, while the fakes are usually dull and chipped.

How does it feel. One could determine if the bag is real or not from its texture. Even though the design appears to be ribbed, running your hands through it would reveal that the original is smoother and softer than its duplicate counterpart.

The price is right. Although not applicable in all cases, someone who is willing to part with something of value at a slashed price might mean the seller is aware that his stock is not original.

As a final reminder, take note that these guidelines can also be applied to other designer bags as well.

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