How to Select a Handbag for a Job Interview

When going on a job interview, you need to be almost perfect. Your confidence is brimming, while your clothes are smart, powerful, and well-pressed. However, what about your accessories like handbags? Are there rules to follow when it comes to bringing a handbag to a job interview? Here are some helpful answers.

Go for conservative designs – A single-toned, all-leather handbag would be a great fit for a job interview. These types of purses provides an impression that you are stable and confident, yet stylish. Using handbags made from other materials like nylon or with over-the-top details like studs does not fit the conservative style you want to project. Also, bold colors like violet or red would turn the employer’s direction to the bag instead of you.

Go for function – Your handbag should be big enough to carry your resume or portfolio, as well a business cards, reference letters among others without crumpling them. Hobos and totes are usually at your aid when it comes to this situation. If you are applying for an executive position, it is all right to use a briefcase, which can convey an image of success.

Go for organization – The inside of your handbag should have inside pockets that fit your pens, keys, business cards, and cell phone-which, of course, should be turned off. It is also nice to put only what is needed for the job interview, which includes your resume or portfolio, a face powder, and lip gloss. Rummaging endlessly through your handbag during the job interview would not sit well to the prospective employer.

Go for closure – Choose handbags that have secure methods of closure such as zippers, snaps, or magnetic locks, to prevent its contents from falling out during the interview.

Go for coordination – Your handbag should match your attire, especially your shoes.

Go for cleanliness – No matter what purse you have chosen for the job interview, you need to make sure that it is free from any stains and markings.

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