Marc Jacobs Iris Sequined Handbag

Marc Jacobs Iris bag

Marc Jacobs presented his Spring 2008 collection with a little hint of quirkiness. Among his themes in the handbag collection, the frog stood out the most and has since become a micro-trend of sorts. You can see metal frogs attached to the purses, and the Iris sequined handbag is a cute example of this. This red number is filled with cute little adornments sewn into the body.

The Iris also comes with a zip opening on top, as well as a metallic springlike strap and even a wristband at the back, giving the owner options on whether to use is as a shoulder bag or a clutch. The silver frog is the main focus of this bag, sitting peacefully on the front side with its gem-like eyes beaming downwards. Since Marc Jacobs does not sell his ware on his website, you can avail of the Iris bag in Net-A-Porter for $1,895

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