Eco-Friendly Handmade Handbags

Eco-friendly Handbags

If you wish to be fashionable as well as helping the environment, you may want to check out handmade bags made out of recycled juice wrappers. Now, you might think that, "Handbags out of juice wrappers? How unfashionable." Well, you might not have seen the work that comes into these handmade handbags.

Our environment is not getting any better and the various wastes and garbage that humans create do not help. Every bit of recycling is more than welcome just to make this world a bit better. It just so happens that some enterprising and creative individuals have thought about making handbags out of otherwise overlooked wastes such as juice wrappers.

The juice wrappers in question are those made out of non-biodegradable foil and plastic. After being used as handy juice containers, they pretty much become garbage and waste. Juice wrappers are non-biodegradable so that makes them bad for the environment. But one thing they do have is that juice wrappers are pretty durable as a material, strong enough to fashion out into a handbag.

Juice wrappers coupled with some creativity and fashion sense can become quite an interesting pair. And what comes out of it is a unique way of recycling otherwise non-biodegradable waste. These juice wrappers are cleaned, refashioned and woven by hand to become attractive handbags and purses. A good example would be this woven bamboo handle handbag expertly woven by hand in the Philippines.

These wonders of recycling and creativity gives another meaning to eco-friendly fashion. And these juice wrapper handmade handbags also helps give more empowerment to many disadvantaged women in countries like the Philippines. These bags are woven by talented Filipina cooperatives that try to empower women to earn additional income and hope for a brighter future. Talk about doing your part in saving the world just by having this handmade handbag.


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