Solar Handbags

Noon Solar has something to offer for women who loves gadgets and always on the go. The Willow Solar Powered Handbag provides every woman who are so into technology the comfort of recharging their gadgets such as music players, mobiles phones and others anywhere, anytime.

The solar powered handbag is made of Bavarian Cowhide Leather with antique Brass Hardware. The cables to connect to gadgets for recharging has chocolate and steel colors and it can be hidden inside one of the bags pocket. Its cotton or hemp fabric is hand dyed which makes the quality of fabric better.

The flexible solar panel looks adorable one may have a hard time to distinguish on whether it is a power source or no. Its size is twelve inch by twelve inch and it is artistically placed on the side of the bag. The Willow Handbag is currently reported as being such a blockbuster in the market being often sold out and rare to find. The bag has definitely proven its use to its clients.

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