Andy Warhol Still Dictates

It makes sense. Art and photography legend Andy Warhol is also a fashion originator. After all, fashion is art in clothing.

Come Wednesday, Warhol would have been 80 years old. Though it has been more or less 50 years since Warhol’s "Factory" was closed down, it still continues to churn out fashionistas.

The "Factory" was notorious for being the hangout of "Superstars" such as Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Truman Capote and several other superstars – many of them fashion legends. The birthplace of Velvet Underground and the haunt of artsy types, amphetamine users and sexual radicals. The place where art, drugs and sex were staples.

These "Factory Superstars" still continue to influence this generation’s "Factoristas" – Hollywood starlets and style savvy New Yorkers. The looks is evident in the high-hemlines and chunky accessories – the look of the original "Factory Girl", Edie Sedgwick.

Parson’s, the New School of Design’s fashion historian, Beth Charleston, says ""The pop-art look is about the contrast between black and white – both in clothing and hair and makeup," further noting that "The two most obvious [of Warhol’s factory girls], Edie Sedgwick and Nico, played up the contrast between black and white with bleach-blond hair and heavy black eye makeup."

But the Andy Warhol look is not limited to black and white. This Andy Warhol we’re talking about. The look is all about bright Day-Glo tights paired with baby doll dresses. Add accessories to nail the look.

"Big earrings, and a chunky shoe like a thick wedge or a Mary Jane with a bit of a heel," says Charleston.

However, be it bright Day-Glos or classic black and white contrast, the look would not be complete without "a hint of smoke". Smoky eyes that is. Smudged eyeliners which, according to Charleston, adds drama which is the key to Warhol’s element of style. "There’s a rock undercurrent. Taking those clean shapes, the trapeze dress, and the Day-Glo colors and making it a little bit messier." That’s one hot mess. Charleston notes.

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