Louis Vuitton Slouchy Tribal Bag

Louis Vuitton Slouchy Tribal Bag

Marc Jacob sent an African/Edgy-Tribal inspired collection down the Louis Vuitton runway during the Spring-Summer 2009 fashion week.

If the clothes collection was enough to make your eyes pop, the bags were sure to have been a delight to see.

The bags were made of various materials: metallic, leather, animal print, denim. They were also embellished with a number of things: tassels, beads, a bit of cord.

Take for instance the Louis Vuitton Slouchy Tribal Bag.

This monogram bag is made of leather, with bead detail. It’s a squishy top handle bag that’s cute yet with a touch of tribal-edginess. The handles also have a bit of bead detail, with gold-tone metal hardware.

Louis Vuitton Slouchy Tribal Bag comes in a shade darker than mustard yellow, with the edge of the bag’s flap in a metallic bronze shade.

Image source: www.ilvoelv.com

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